Amy McMillan, PhD

Amy McMillan is a Faculty Fellow in the College of Business. She completed her doctoral degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management at Louisiana Tech University. Her research focuses on diversity, organizational culture, and person-organization fit. She has published in a variety of journals such as Journal of Business Research, Group and Organizational Management, and International Journal of Conflict Management. Prior to entering academia Dr. McMillan worked for SkyTel, a fast growing telecommunications company. She was a Corporate Instructor for seven years, preparing training materials, conducting an extensive 7 week training program, and evaluating new employees.

Dr. McMillan has been fortunate enough to travel extensively, visiting countries such as Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and France. She lived in Mexico for two years and taught English as a Second Language in a private language school in Veracruz. She currently works with the Study Abroad programs offered in the College of Business.

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