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To produce diversity and inclusion knowledge and practices that can help businesses and organizations thrive economically, become socially responsible, and create fair and just workplaces.


To enhance the value and practice of diversity and inclusion by bridging the areas of academic research and business practice.


Human Capital

Social scientific research indicates that diversity drives human capital, a source of innovation and growth. Our research identifies the key ways by which diversity adds value to business.


Our demographic reports quantitatively measure workforce diversity in organizations and industries. In addition to revealing the current state of diversity, these reports also shed light on the relationship between diversity and other factors including: financial performance, employee engagement, employee turnover, brand loyalty, and spending practices.

Best Practices

Research on diversity best practices is ongoing. At the DRI, we help companies identify the best practices that apply to their organization and industry. We also create best practices for specific industries, including non-profit and for-profit firms, universities, and government institutions by employing extensive literature reviews of academic scholarship and professional publications.

White Papers

Our DRI experts publish qualitative and quantitative research-based white papers to inform professionals on complex diversity and inclusion issues. Through white papers, at the DRI we also translate academic research into everyday practice, granting professionals access to cutting-edge research.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Industry Specific Workshops

We know that academic institutions, for-profit organizations, and non-profit organizations have different set of priorities, infrastructures, and cultures. The DRI hosts workshops on best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion geared towards faculty, university staff, and business professionals. Members benefit from overlapping best practices, as well from workshops attuned to their particular industry. 

Live Training Sessions

DRI offers live virtual training led by academic and professional experts in diversity and inclusion. These are in the form of webinars, online workshops, and brown bags. Members benefit from complimentary training sessions, as well as from registration discounts.

Recorded Webinars

DRI hosts a wide selection of recorded virtual trainings in the form of webinars facilitated by experts on diversity and inclusion. Webinars include former live training sessions, talks, and research presentations. Our DRI experts also record webinars that introduce new diversity professionals to the foundation blocks of diversity management.

Customized Training

Our DRI experts are available to provide customized training for academic organizations and for-profit and non-profit organizations. Members receive a discount on all customized trainings.

Resources and Tools


The DRI is designed as a hub of resources for diversity and inclusion practice, facilitating the translation between academic findings and practice-based solutions. Through our systemic categorizing of research papers, case studies, blog articles, and recorded videos, we create toolkits for diversity professionals to identify the resources that can inform their practice.

Case Studies

In a quote often attributed to W. Edwards Deming, he states, “every plan is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.” The DRI publishes and hosts a wide array of case studies to help organizations identify ideas, techniques, and solutions to address their concerns and build their diversity and inclusion practice. 

Best Practices

Through extensive literature review and professional experience, DRI experts identify and produce best practices for diversity and inclusion. These are broken down in terms of key diversity areas, as well as by industry. Upon request, we also produce custom best practices benchmarking reports.



 Panels & Symposia

Through interactive panels and symposia, the DRI offers students, faculty, and professionals an opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences in implementing diversity practices, as well as how to address diversity issues and opportunities.


Virtual Events

The DRI hosts a wide array of virtual events led by industry specialists to facilitate diversity community engagement and learning. Our events strengthen students, faculty, and organizations’ professional network, knowledge, and skills on diversity practice.


Virtual Talks

DRI offers periodic virtual talks with innovative leaders in diversity practice. Virtual talks offer members an opportunity to learn from successful diversity practitioners, ask questions, and strengthen their diversity networks.


The DRI blog provides practitioners and scholars the opportunity to engage with relevant topics concerning the practical application of diversity, equity and inclusion in business and academia. Scholars, students, and practitioners can submit opinion articles, case studies, photo-essays that can help advance diversity and inclusion knowledge and practice. Essays are limited to 1,4000 words. The DRI Blog is available to members and non-members.

Affiliated Faculty

Vanessa Johnson

Vanessa Johnson

Assistant Professor of Legal Studies
University of Houston - Clear Lake

Orlando Richard

Orlando Richard

Dean's Research Professor
University of Massachusetts

Melissa Maceyko

Melissa Maceyko

Executive Director

Center for Allyship

María Triana

María Triana

Vanderbilt University

Lisa McBride

Lisa McBride

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and Professor of Medical Education
Texas Christian University

Shaun Pichler

Shaun Pichler

Professor of Management & the Director of the Graduate Program in Human Resources
California State University, Fullerton

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