Benefits of Membership

Fast Knowledge

As a member of the DRI, you have the most cutting-edge and business effective diversity and inclusion knowledge at your fingertips. We make this available through the following venues:

  • The DRI Journal: Peer-reviewed and vetted by leading D&I scholars and practitioners, the DRI Journal is an open-access, quality, and free-of-cost publication to advance the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Exclusively, DRI members receive a subscription to PDF and print publications at no additional cost.
  • DRI Reports: Our DRI research team creates industry reports and white papers by drawing on academic and business professional D&I knowledge. Members may request one DRI Report a year that investigates an issue that impacts their D&I business strategy at no cost.
  • DiversityFIRST™ Toolkit: Through our partnership with the National Diversity Council, our members have access to the DiversityFIRST™ Toolkit, a password protected online repository of industry reports, Human Resources tools, and how-to guides to initiate or strengthen any diversity and inclusion initiative.
  • Fact-checking requests: Through a password-protected website, members can solicit unlimited fact-checks to be completed by our DRI research team.

Brand Messaging

To have sustainable growth and successful diversity and inclusion strategies, companies must align organizational values, customer expectations, and the business plan. To this end, we help you deliver positive brand messaging to current and potential employees, consumers, and stakeholders through the following venues:

  • The DRI Journal: Members’ brand are included in every edition of the DRI Journal, with at least one opportunity for our DRI members to share a successful case study of implementing and expanding on diversity and inclusion initiatives or strategies.
  • D&I Social Media: Through the DRI social media venues, and our partnership with the National Diversity Council, we regularly promote the workplace inclusion efforts of DRI members as well as recognize our members’ leaders for advancing diversity.
  • Mastering D&I: Through the DRI Mastering D&I platform, we promote DRI members and sponsors at DRI workshops, career fairs, the Annual Lecture Series, and other events. We also recognize leaders from our members’ organizations for their diversity and inclusion achievements.
  • Select Consulting Services: Through our DRI Select Consulting Services, we help you optimize your brand by aligning D&I with your culture, values, and business plan.

Mastering D&I

One of the most valuable benefits of being a DRI member is increasing your organization’s diversity and inclusion technical skills and inclusive practice. To help you work towards Mastering D&I, the DRI offers our members:

  • Technical Workshops: To increase diversity and inclusion awareness and competency, our Technical Workshops are designed and facilitated by leading scholars and practitioners in D&I. Five individuals from each member organization have opportunity to attend one technical workshop a year, at no cost. Additional attendance can be purchased at a special DRI member price.
  • D&I Online Training: Specially designed by our DRI Research Team, DRI members have exclusive access to online diversity training, which is available to their entire organization at no additional cost.
  • Annual Lecture Series: The Annual Lecture Series recognizes and celebrates research that advances diversity and inclusion practice in the workplace and in business. Every year we feature a keynote speaker, panels of professional and academic experts, and networking events.
  • DRI Membership Database: Only our DRI members have access to a fast-growing membership database, where they can connect with local experts, practitioners, and diversity and inclusion employment candidates.

For more information, contact [email protected].