• About the DRI

    About the DRI

    The Diversity Research Institute creates sustainable business growth by advancing diversity and inclusion (D&I) knowledge and practice. Our distinct orientation to praxis—the production of organizational practices from academic theories and ideas of diversity—allows us to harmonize local and global demands for inclusion, while setting standards for long-lasting social and economic change

    The DRI functions across three distinct platforms:
    Diversity Research Institute Journal
    DRI Select Consulting Services
    DRI Membership

  • DRI Journal

    Orlando Richard, University of Texas, Dallas
    Robyn Berkley, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

    The DRI Journal is a venue for business and academic collaboration with aims to advance the knowledge of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. As an open access journal, distinctly, its scope is to impact organizational and business practice by making knowledge and research available within and beyond academic institutions. The DRIJ explores themes that include, but are not limited to: organizational development, corporate governance, talent management, employee engagement, and corporate social responsibility.

    The DRI Journal is soliciting manuscripts for the Inaugural Edition.

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  • DRI Select Consulting Services

    Decades of organizational knowledge and experience point to one fact: companies are most successful when diversity and inclusion practice aligns with their overall business plan. At the DRI, we also believe that a successful D&I strategy must be aligned to your organizational culture and values. Through our DRI Select Consulting Services we bring D&I praxis to life. We work with your team to meet your needs, whether it is to begin a D&I strategy or to expand your organizational plan for inclusion and business sustainability.

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  • DRI Membership

    At the Diversity Research Institute we are invested in the growth of our members. Our DRI members enjoy a wide-range of benefits, including access to print publications of the DRI Journal, DRI Reports and white papers, and unlimited fact-checking requests. Members also receive access to online D&I trainings and resources to initiate or strengthen any organizational initiative. To advocate on behalf of our members, our DRI Team consistently promotes their visions and commitments to diversity and inclusion.

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