Robyn Berkley, PhD

Dr. Berkley is an Associate Professor of Management and Marketing at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE). She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Madison where she studied with Herb Heneman, Ray Aldag, and Randy Dunham. At SIUE, Robyn is the HR Coordinator for the undergraduate curriculum, which meets SHRM standards. Along with courses in the HR program, she also teaches ethics, and decision making in organizations. She has won several teaching awards at both University of Wisconsin Madison and at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Her area of research includes diversity, discrimination, and ethics. More specifically, Robyn does research in the areas of sexual harassment, and invisible stigmatized identities. She is published in the Journal of Small Business Management, the Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, the Journal of Business Ethics, the National Women’s Studies Association Journal and Human Resource Management, among others.

She is currently a member of the SIUE Diversity Council where she was instrumental in developing the University’s first Diversity Plan, and is the chair of the Campus Climate Subcommittee. Robyn was recently honored as one of SIUE’s Phenomenal Women, recognizing women on campus who’ve contributed to the success of SIUE. A long time member of the Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division of the Academy of Management, Robyn served on the Executive Board of the Division from 2009 – 2012. She was also among the founding members of the Coalition on Faculty Diversity with the Academy of Management. Robyn also serves on the Editorial Board of the Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal.

Currently, Robyn is writing a textbook she is co-authoring with David Kaplan entitled Strategic Training and Development. It will be published by Sage Publications and is expected to hit the market in 1997.