Bernardo Ferdman, PhD

Bernardo Ferdman is Distinguished Professor at the California School of Professional Psychology of Alliant International University in San Diego and a leadership and organization development consultant and executive coach with three decades of experience. Dr. Ferdman—a Fellow of APA and 5 of its divisions and of the International Academy for Intercultural Research, past Chair of the Academy of Management’s Diversity and Inclusion Theme Committee and of AOM’s Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division (GDO), past President of the Interamerican Society of Psychology, and a member of the Diversity Collegium—writes, speaks, teaches, consults, coaches, and conducts research on diversity and inclusion, inclusive and multicultural leadership, Latinos/Latinas in the workplace, and bringing one’s whole self to work. He has worked with organizations in the U.S. and around the world to foster inclusion, to implement effective ways of using everyone’s talents and contributions, and to build competencies for inclusion on the part of individuals, teams, and the whole organization, as well as to inspire individuals to find their own voice and make their full contribution. He teaches in various executive education programs and has conducted workshops for hundreds of leaders.

Dr. Ferdman’s book, Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion (Wiley, 2014, co-edited with Barbara Deane), provides a research-based understanding of inclusion and how to systematically foster it and navigate its challenges. He has written dozens of articles and chapters, made over 300 presentations, and conducted research on the assessment of inclusion. Awards include the 1991 Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize (Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues), the 2011 Trailblazer Award (Ph.D. Project’s MDSA), and the 2014 Janet Chusmir Distinguished Service Award (GDO). Dr. Ferdman earned a Ph.D. in Psychology at Yale University and an A.B. degree at Princeton University.

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