Welcome to our Diversity Research Institute website. In this site you will encounter the most recent and cutting-edge research on the topic of diversity and inclusion in organizations and the workplace. This institute emerged out of a need I saw for a focus in diversity research that is multidimensional and all encompassing in nature. That is to say that while there are many organizations and research institutions that focus on the advancement for specific groups in American society, none maintain both a historical orientation and a commitment to social equality across group differences. The Diversity Research Institute is unique in that we are the first research hub to advance both the theory and the practice necessary to value the social differences that impact our lives.

Our affiliates and membership, made up of faculty, graduate students, and workplace professionals, celebrate historical movements, appreciate differences, and expand on the meaning and operation of diversity. Our goal is for the institute to offer individuals and organizations insight into the ever-changing shifts in population and demographics in our country, and the social and economic trends that accompany them. Our intent is to aid the broader professional and academic community to develop successful workplace practices and business strategies for the future. To these ends, the Diversity Research Institute also welcomes new research, services, and opportunities that aid in the development and advancement of diversity and inclusion.

I hope you will take advantage of the plethora of knowledge and tools available through this website to advance ideas and apply the practices in your future organizational strategies. Together we can continue to strive to build a full inclusive workplace for all.

Dennis Kennedy
Founder, National Diversity Council