In collaboration with the National Diversity Council we offer a wide array of individual and organizational services to advance diversity and inclusion practice, including organizational consulting, individual coaching, and employee and management training.

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Diversity and Inclusion Organizational Assessment

  • Know your employees: Retain employees and promote a diverse and inclusive leadership, minimizing the cost of turn over and increasing the reputation of your company’s brand. Through the D&I Organizational Assessment, we survey and assess your team, staff, and leadership engagement with respects to your overall organizational culture. We also help you establish benchmark business practices for improving diversity and inclusion across your organization.

Diversity and Inclusion Industry Research

  • Know where you stand: Companies and organizations across the country are embracing diversity and inclusion initiatives to make them competitive and appealing to potential employees. Contact the Diversity Research Institute for a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your industry’s trends and how they align with diversity and inclusion business strategies and goals.


  • Master Diversity and Inclusion Knowledge: Become a better consultant by attending training sessions designed to help you master the application of the most recent D&I research.
  • Connect with Agents of Change: Create organizational change across workplace environments, programs, and practices by hiring our thoroughly trained and vetted consultants.


Our training services are comprehensive: they range from increasing diversity awareness, creating effective and respectful workplace environments, to producing and managing an organizational business strategy that is aligned with diversity and inclusion goals. For more information, please contact [email protected]

  • Diversity Awareness
    This training is offered to organizations that are beginning to embrace diversity ideas and practices. We cover the basics including a historical overview of diversity, the business case for diversity, and current diversity management best practices. This includes, but is not limited to Employee Resource Groups, mentoring and sponsorship programs, Diversity Councils, and establishing metrics for success.
  • Inclusion, the turn in Diversity Practice
    The workforce is more diverse than ever and organizations need to keep pace with the marketplace. This course is designed for organizations to bring their diversity efforts up to date with inclusive practices. We provide instruction on how your services and products can cater to a diverse consumer population, and how to develop workplace practices for optimal employee engagement.
  • Unconscious Bias
    Our training on unconscious bias applies the most cutting-edge research on diversity in the workplace. In this session we explore micro-inequities, micro-aggressions, and micro-affirmations, and how these have the potential to drastically impact hiring and recruitment, workplace collaboration, and talent management practices. Our workshops are designed to create awareness over such unconscious practices, and to become intentional over our own actions.
  • Respectful Workplace
    Increasingly, in order to have a functional and effective workplace, employees need to know their values, opinions, and ideas are respected, and that their contribution matters. In this training, employers and employees learn diversity best practices to increase mutual respect and productivity. Our workshops are designed to increase communication skills, professionalism, and transparent organizational practices.
  • Tough Conversations
    Sensitive topics are marked by different life experiences, backgrounds, and points of view. In the training “Tough Conversations,” we shed light to the topics and issues that challenge productivity in the workplace and hinder colleague and workgroup interaction. You will learn how to approach and navigate common tough conversations by learning about and practicing self-reflexivity and mindful communication.
  • Starting a Diversity Initiative
    This training is for professionals beginning to articulate and structure a diversity initiative within their organization. We examine best practices for starting new programs including, but not limited to establishing mentorship and sponsorship, Employee and Business Resource Groups, workplace policies, and talent management practices. We also provide guidance on how to achieve executive leadership buy-in to ensure the success of your initiative.
  • Metrics for Diversity and Inclusion
    This training is for professionals who want to establish metrics to meet their short-term and long-term diversity and inclusion goals, to assess the status of diversity practice and forecast areas for improvement. We provide instruction and workshops on metrics that include qualitative and quantitative benchmarks, accountability processes from employee to executive levels, and how to create and implement diversity and inclusion scorecards and dashboards.
  • Executing a Diversity and Inclusion Council
    This advanced training is for diversity and inclusion professionals in the workplace that feel ready to integrate organizational strategies with a plan for diversity and inclusion. Through a two-day training and workshop, diversity professionals will learn the steps necessary to create a Diversity and Inclusion Council, how to establish accountability metrics, and organizational engagement that is adapted across employees and executives.


  • Grow Professionally: Want to advance in your career, but feel limited by knowledge or skills? Contact one of our highly trained coaches to guide you through self-discovery, organizational awareness, and professional growth.


  • To participate in a diversity and inclusion webinar, please visit the National Diversity Council Webinar Series.